Ymana rx v767 схема

ymana rx v767 схема
Declaration of Conformity This product conforms to the following Council Directive: Name: • Directive 89/ 336/ EEC, 92/ 31/ EEC (EMC), Address: Modifications Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the grantee of this device could void the user’s authority to operate the device. Use jacks and cables appropriate for Use S-video cable. The iPod/iPhone HDMI OUT (playback, stop, skip, etc.) your iPod/iPhone. Dolby Pro Logic Dolby Surround is an earlier surround sound standard which is decoded with a Pro Logic processor in the DTT2500 Digital. Receivers, those bulky boxes at the heart of many surround sound systems, tend to last longer than a lot of other gear.

The Advanced Setup menu can be operated as follows. Insert the power supply’s AC plug into an appropriate receptacle. Compressed Music Enhancer В случае кодирования музыкальных файлов в какой-нибудь цифровой формат со сжатием (например, MP3) амплитудно-частотная характеристика ухудшается. The left front and right front satellites play stereo music, the off-screen sounds of video playback and the front channels of four channel games. When you use such an app, you’ll want to get audio from the TV back down to your receiver.

Dolby, Pro Logic and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Route the wire to the left or right side of the attachment strut. Decoder Amplifier Functions When the power is switched “ON”, the green indicator lights on the face of the Decoder Amplifier will sequentially light from the left to the right. Компания Apple не несет ответственности за работу таких устройств или их соответствие стандартам безопасности и правовым нормам.

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