Схема установки al-400sh

схема установки al-400sh
Совместимы ли Z5-R и считыватель C2000 Proxy H с брелками Min Tag (стандарт EM-Marine)? А то при использовании данного считывателя, брелки не считываются. Push the pin out with stead pressure. Do not use an impact method. The XYZ bar ends are shortened tot he XYZ Super Shorties. Используем контроллер z-5r, который при считывании карты подает напряжение ( — минус) на два автомобильных пятиконтактных реле. Models include the F1000 (DD, XT/Grip Shift, onZa pedals) and F700 (DD2, XT/Grip Shift, onZa pedals). Both models are also available in the Delta V style frame for increase clearance.

Other bikes didn’t have a large enough head tube to accept the system so it could not be retrofitted to other bikes. It also required the use of a Cannondale specific stem. After installing the new points and plate, the breaker point gaps and the ignition timing must be set (see below). 2. If the points are purchased separately, disconnect the primary wire at each point set, remove the securing screws, and remove the old points. The rear brake light switch and adjuster nut are mounted on a slotted bracket. Less severe wear to these compo- nents show up as brown oil stains on the valve stem. 8. Holding avalve in your fingers, spin it while observing the head. A wobble is indica- tive of a bent valve. Compress the valve springs and remove the split collars, retainers, springs, seals, and spring seats.

Allow the oil to drain off for several minutes, then install the drain plug and tighten it securely. The relief valve is pre-set to operate at a pressure above about 70 psi. If the oil pressure reaches this value, the relief valve opens and returns some of the oil to the sump. Remove the shift drum. INSPECTION NOTE: Do not disassemlrle the gear set unless inspection shows that replacement of imliuidual gears is necessary. Recheck the clearance. 8. Tum the rotor one full tum so that the “RT» mark (for the right cylinder) is aligned with the stationary timing mark. Gears are surfacehardcned, and if this hardened layer is damaged, what is left will not last long.

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